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Over the course of approximately 28 years, from the inception of our company, we have consistently operated a cabinet shop, making kitchen remodels a natural and integral part of our business. Starting as Heartwood Construction, we’ve successfully completed well over 200 kitchen remodeling projects.

Our typical kitchen remodeling process involves a comprehensive overhaul, which includes stripping the room down to its framework, rewiring to meet current building codes, adjusting plumbing as necessary, and subsequently reconstructing the space. This reconstruction encompasses new drywall installation, cabinet placement, countertop installation, and flooring replacement. Many of our ongoing kitchen remodels also entail more extensive modifications, such as the relocation or removal of load-bearing walls, and in some cases, the addition of extra square footage to the room.


With 200 kitchen projects under our belt, it’s likely that we’ve tackled around 500 bathroom remodels as well. These projects follow a similar approach, involving a complete tear-down to the studs and subsequent reconstruction. Typical upgrades include new shower valves, body sprays, vanities, vanity tops, tile floors, and shower stalls. Moreover, it’s common for us to reconfigure sink locations or expand shower stalls to meet our clients’ needs.


Typically, we always have at least one addition project in progress. Our team takes particular delight in these endeavors because they afford us the opportunity to create something new from the ground up. With no concerns about uneven floors or misaligned walls, we can ensure that we start each project on the right footing from the very beginning.

Custom cabinetry

This is a realm where we can truly leverage our full range of skills. With our cabinet shop serving as the foundation, there’s no finish detail too challenging for us to handle. Additionally, we’re equipped with a spray booth where we achieve finishes of furniture-level quality. Our spray finisher, Jesus B., is a seasoned artist with more than two decades of experience in the field.